10 Tips to write a song lyrics


10 Tips to write a song lyrics :

One : firstly you need to decide what you will write your song about.don’t just choose the first thing that pops into your head. Choose something you like, something you know about, something everybody knows about to make it more popular.

common topics like holidays discos heartbreak seasons and love – then you need to come up with a chord pattern or whatever instrument you play to do this.

two: you need to decide what key your song will be a type whichever key you choose into the search engine of your choice and choose which chords to use from within that key experiment with different patterns till you find the one that best suits your needs.

Three: the chorus is the foundation of the song and is also the most memorable part to the listener making it vital that you get a right to ensure the richest memorable include a hook making sure it’s catchy. If it’s stuck in your head for three days, you’ve got a winner

Four : verses have aired to tell the story of the song expanding on what is sung in the chorus going into more detail and description on the song subject lyrics really matter. this part so think 

Then through carefully and make sure they’re meaningful keep a close eye on your syllables keeping them well balanced and make sure they’re counted correctly

five: the bridge is a different section of the song and it sounds separate from the rest this is where you get to be more creative this can be achieved by going to the relative major or minor so go wild.

six: rhyming can be tricky everyone can rhyme back and fat but it takes skill to think of half rhymes full rhymes can often appear cheesy and fairly unprofessional but aren’t to be avoided completely half rhymes can give a better edge and more credibility obscenely popular with strong rappers.

seven lyrics can be temperamental and unpredictably difficult two times main points keep on one topic to avoid confusion and misunderstanding make sure the lyrics flow smoothly otherwise

it can be like finding a crease in a freshly ironed shirt also just know that hurts are easy to pop you without realizing if you’re ever unsure type the lyric into the search engine of your choice and make sure it’s your own genius and not someone else’s.

eight: for the structure of the song it’s down to the preference of the songwriter rather than doing it in a set way if you’re a beginner I recommend you stick to a more basic layout such as verse pre-chorus first pre chorus bridge chorus but make any adaptations you want it’s up to you

nine: the length of the song is also to be decided by the songwriter however remember radio stations will rarely play a song longer than 3 minutes 20 and will shorten the song so they aren’t too long also it’s important to realize that songs that are too short won’t hold the listeners attention and songs that are too long drive and get rather boring

ten: advertising now that you’ve written your amazing song is Tommy showed it to the world multiple websites allow you to upload videos and tracks so the people everywhere can enjoy your music there are even some websites that allow you to sell your songs giving you publicity and a bit of extra cash


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