5 daily habits to sing better


5 daily habits to sing better :

welcome to speakiee today I’m going to share five daily habits with you that I use to keep my voice healthy so that when it is time to sing it isn’t tip-top shape.

I am here to geek out on your voice. so as you probably already know we do not only use our voice as when we sing.

we also use them throughout the day and how you treat your voice throughout the day when you speak it has a big impact on the shape that your voice is in when it’s time to sing so I thought it was time that I share my five daily habits that I use to keep my voice healthy

1. habit drink water and drink water often gosh I cannot tell you how many of my vocal coaches growing up kept telling me to drink water and I know

it can feel redundant but here I am telling you there really is a big difference between when your voice is hydrated and when your voice is not hydrated

when you’re not hydrated enough your voice can feel sticky it can be hard to do riffs and runs and it can be hard to kind of get those pitches that you want

so I challenge you to try and drink enough water for a week and see if you can feel the difference the usual recommendation for how much water you should be drinking is between six to eight glasses a day

but I recommend that you use a water calculator to tell you exactly how much water you should be drinking based on your body size and your level of activity I have a link to a cool one on

2: stretch out your singing muscles stretching out the muscles in your throat before a full day of
speaking it’s just like stretching out the muscles in your legs before a long run it will help your avoid tension and will prepare your voice for a full day of speaking

if I don’t have a lot of time I’ll just do a few stretches I’ll do them right after a drink my big glass of water in the morning and I’ll just do like the right side

I hope you’re doing this with me and then I’ll do my left side then I’ll do the crazy one with Tom like this you can feel the sets here I hope you were doing that one with me so that was habit number two stretching your same muscles habit

3: warm up your voice now referring back to the running analogy we usually run a few laps before we go for the big run it’s the same with your voice so just take a minute to warm it up

those of you guys who’ve been with me for a while you know that I love doing lip trills so I’ll do my lip trills in the morning and I actually do them in the shower because it saves time but it’s also nice and warm in there and that’s good for the muscles

so I’ll just just do a few like this longer like this just like that yeah I’m sure my neighbors they think I’m gonna look crazy but that’s okay us singers we are a little crazy so that was habit number three warm up your voice habit

4: avoid speaking in a low voice speaking in a low voice it’s very tiring to your voice and but get it something that we all do a lot especially when we get tired.

we tend to drop it down library it tired we start talking like this but there’s also all the situations for example if you’re speaking and you really want people to pay attention to what you’re saying it happens to me a lot.

if I’m in a classroom and I have like thirty students I want to make sure that they’re paying attention to me that they’re understanding what I’m saying I start to drop my voice down and I do that

if I’m in a meeting with someone and I want to show Authority I want to make sure that we’re that they take me serious I’ll also start dropping down my voice and start talking like this and the last situation where I find myself sometimes when I’m at risk of dropping my voice out

it’s when I’m hanging out with my guy friends consciously I’ll start dropping my voice down to their level so the trick to avoiding this really is to know situations where you think it might happen and then simply catch

yourself doing it and putting your voice back up to where you know it’s healthy and where it feels good to speak and where your voice rings out have it

what this means is that we all know it’s not good for your voice to yell right but sometimes we still try to carry conversations when people are like across the room or when you’re at a party with us loud music

you still try to yell out a conversation with someone who’s like I’m a chair over there so what that does is it tires Auto voice it ruins our voice the next day we just feel it swollen and it is not a good voice to sing on so try to make a mental note when you’re in that party situation and

you want to have a conversation with someone try to make sure that they’re within arm’s reach of you that will really save your voice so that was happened number five use touch distance speaking so these are the five habits I use every day to keep my voice healthy number one drink water

number two stretch out the muscles in your throat number three warm up your voice maybe with some lip trills in the shower number four don’t speak in a low voice and number five don’t have a conversation with someone who’s super far away use touch distance speaking if you have any tricks that you use to keep your voice healthy


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